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Give yourself peace of mind with a quote for total project completion. Offering the reliability, flexibility, and honesty that you need in someone that is servicing your home. Specializing in quality, interior work.

My Local Handyman in the greater Marlborough MA area

Handyman Services Including Home Improvement and Home Repair

Project Completion provides handyman services and home improvement to the greater Marlborough, MA area. Get your "To-Do" list done quickly and easily. Many services are available; here is a small sampling:

Sampling of Projects for My Marlborough Home

  • Cabinet Hardware Replacement
  • Closet Organizer Installation
  • Home Repairs
  • Lock Replacement
  • Picture Hanging
  • Wainscoting

Local Cabinet Hardware Replacement

Cabinet hardware typically includes pulls, handles, knobs, latches, hinges, and drawer slides. These items come in many different sizes. All the decorative items come in different materials and colors.

If you are replacing existing hardware, it is important to measure the items and provide direct replacements. For example, a drawer pull has two screws. The distance between these screws is important! An American made pull is measured in inches while a European pull is measured in millimeters. Carefully consider the distance between screw holes before ordering your replacement pulls. Otherwise you may end up having to drill new holes and patch the old holes.

Do your kitchen and bath cabinets have an out-dated look? Are you tired of the golden-oak with brass colored hardware? If so, painting your cabinets and replacing your cabinet hardware will give you a whole new look.

Home Improvement Projects and Home Repair Services

Looking to find a local handyman in your area who will perform your work with care and skill? If you need something installed, repaired, or replaced - contact me to get your projects completed. Handyman home repair and home improvement done right! Specializing in Quality Interior Work in several categories including:
  • Assembly Services
  • Blinds, Curtains, Draperies Installation
  • Cabinet Repairs
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Home Repairs
  • Interior Door Replacement
  • Interior Painting
  • Lock Replacement
  • Picture and Mirror Hanging
  • TV Wall Mounting
  • Wall and Ceiling Repairs
  • More Project Ideas

Please contact me, your local handyman, if you have any questions or are ready to schedule work.

My Project Ideas



I had great need for a handyman I could trust at a reasonable cost. Mark has done great quality work from putting up handrails for my mother to repairing unsightly holes and stains on the living room ceiling. He is prompt, professional and courteous. He is also very thoughtful about the work he does and comes up with good ideas. I will be using him on an ongoing basis for several projects over the coming months. He can use me for a reference anytime.
Handrails, Ceiling Repair, Painting - Marie

My husband hired a pro to do the drywall, but he didn't finish the job. You did, thanks. I also have other work that needs to be done, like window and door trim, and I need a staircase handrail.
Drywall Repair and Finishing - Krystal

Thank You!
Thank you for considering us, a local handyman in your area, to care for your Marlborough home.

Project Completion Handyman Home Repair and Home Improvement Services for Marlborough MA