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Basement  Improvements

Benefit from handyman home repair and home improvement services for your Derry, NH home.

Here are a few examples of what my handyman services can do for your Derry, NH home.


Whether your basement is just utility space, used for storage, or additional living space, you probably have some "To-Do" list projects. Maybe clean and organize, add shelving, insulate, or tackle some electrical and plumbing issues. Do you have basement related projects?

Basement Insulation - Ceiling insulation is important to keep the floor above warm in winter. How is yours?

Organize and Clean - Could your basement benefit from some cleaning and organizing?


The bathroom undergoes a lot of use and is subject to ever changing conditions going from dry to wet. Proper upkeep and maintenance in the bath is vital. Caulk all joints around the tub, shower, and sink. Check the condition of the floor and walls. Also check the condition of the door and window. If all is good, maybe you just want to upgrade your fixtures. If you have a bathroom related project, please contact me, I can help.

Repair Leaky Fixtures - Drip, drip, drip. Do your faucets or toilets leak? If so, contact me

Install New Fixtures - Do you want to upgrade your bath faucets, sinks, and fixtures? I can help.

Other Small Projects:  interior doors, drywall repair and finish, electrical repair, kitchen, lights and fans, household maintenance, leak repair, paint and stain, trim  molding, and more.

So if you need something installed, repaired, or replaced - contact me to get your projects completed. Handyman home repairs and improvements done right!

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  • Bathroom Repair
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