Faucets and Sinks

Faucet and Sink Installation

  • Bathroom Faucet Installation
  • Bathroom Sink Installation
  • Shower & Tub Faucet Repair
  • Kitchen Faucet Installation
  • Kitchen Sink Installation
  • Leak Repair

Faucets and sinks undergo a lot of use and are subject to wear. Proper upkeep and maintenance is essential to prevent major problems from developing. Fix those leaks before they become headaches. You may just want to upgrade your fixtures. If you have a water appliance or fixture related project, please contact me with the details, I can help you.

You are looking for someone that has the experience necessary to successfully complete the projects you need done, quickly and efficiently. For repairs, installations, and maintenance projects around your home or office, contact Project Completion. Work done your way - the right way!

Bathroom Faucet Installation

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