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Furniture Assembly

Looking for someone to assembly furniture in your home? Project Completion provides handyman services and home improvement to the greater Northborough, MA area. Complete furniture assembly services for armoires, bars, bed frames, bookcases, chest of drawers, computer desks, couches, cribs, dressers, futons, night stands, tables, TV stands and more. Get your "To-Do" list done quickly and easily. If you don't have the time or the inclination to tackle those jobs, please contact me, I'll get it done for you.

Sampling of Projects for My Northborough Home

  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly
  • Bed Frame Assembly
  • Chest of Drawer Assembly
  • Wardrobe Assembly
  • Sofa Assembly
  • Desk Assembly
  • Office Furniture Assembly
  • Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Local Furniture Assembly Services

Do you need help to assemble the furniture you just ordered online or picked up from your local furniture retailer? If you have done this before, you know there will be pages and pages of unclear instructions, if any, and perhaps over a hundred pieces with varying sizes of screws and fasteners. You may not know which end is up and may be a little worried about something breaking. And, all of this can be stressful, frustrating, tedious and time consuming. Worry no more, your local handyman can assemble your items; including desks, chairs, shelving, beds, bureaus, wardrobes, futons, clothing organizers, side tables, entertainment centers, and more. Assembly of IKEA furniture and other top brands.

What Is RTA Furniture?

You may have seen the terms, RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) Furniture, KD (Knock-Down) Furniture, Flat Pack Furniture, and Kit Furniture. It comes disassembled and packed in a box. Whatever you call it, It is more cost effective for manufacturers to produce unassembled furniture. And, being unassembled or flat, It comes in flat-pack shipping boxes making it more cost effective to ship. Those savings bring you less costly furniture, however, layout and assembly is required.

RTA furniture comes prefinished or unfinished in component form, that is, in pieces that require assembly. RTA furniture is typically made from particleboard, medium or high density fiberboard. Those pieces are typically laminated to resemble wood, stone, or other surface types. Real wood is sometimes used. The quality of RTA furniture has improved over the years and is a popular option in comparison to traditional assembled wood furniture.

What Types of RTA Furniture Are Popular?

The majority of RTA furniture is bookshelves. Other types, starting with the most popular include: Accent Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Home Office, Bedroom, TV Stand, Media Storage, Entertainment Center, Kid's Bedroom, Kitchen Island, and Gaming Furniture.

What Tools Do I Need For Furniture Assembly?

For most ready-to-assemble furniture, the typical list of tools required include: 1/4" slotted screwdriver, 3/8" slotted screwdriver, Phillips No. 2 screwdriver, hex-key set, hammer, rubber mallet, and tape measure. An adjustable-torque cordless power driver with appropriate bits will help things move along more quickly.

How Is RTA Furniture Fastened?

Most RTA furniture manufacturers use a cam lock mechanism to fasten pieces together. A cam lock is inserted into a large hole in the face of one piece and a special cam-screw is screwed into a small hole on the end of the other piece to be fastened. The cam-screw is positioned into the cam lock and then the cam lock is turned using a screwdriver. Assembly may also require hammering nails and wooden pegs, and driving in screws.

How Much Time Will It Take To Assemble My Furniture?

It depends on the item and the manufacturer. Small, simple items may take 30 minutes. Large, complex pieces may take 3 hours or more. RTA furniture manufacturers design the pieces so that anyone will be able to assemble them, at least that is the hope. Some people can accomplish the task while others struggle because of unclear instructions, lack of experience, and limited manual dexterity.

7 furniture assembly tips That Will Save You Frustration!

Furniture assembly can be somewhat overwhelming. You have packages contained dozens, even hundreds of parts. You have an instruction manual and a few basic tools. The rest is up to you. Here's how to do it.
  • First, read and understand the assembly instructions. Before you get to far ahead of yourself, make sure that you understand the instructions. You should be able to determine orientation, what is up and down, what is left and right, front and back. Make sure you know how to have the parts facing the correct direction. Understand how the assembly process proceeds from the first step to the last.
  • Second, clear a suitable work area in the room where the new furniture is going. It is important to have a work area large enough to accommodate the layout of individual pieces and the assembly. Take care not to damage your floors. Working on carpet, drop clothes, or packing material is best.
  • Third, move the furniture packages into the prepared work area. Place the packages off to the side, leaving room for layout and assembly.
  • Fourth, unpack the furniture packages and lay-out the various pieces. Some furniture might have several hundred items that need to be handled during assembly.
  • Fifth, refer to the instruction manual parts list and take an inventory. Make sure you have all the parts and fasteners. And, make sure the parts are not damaged.
  • Sixth, again referring to the instruction manual, gather the necessary tools. Some RTA manufacturers may provide a few basic tools, like a screw drivers and hex key. You will be required to have any other tools required and helpful during the assembly process.
  • Seventh, begin the assembly process. Do not try to skip steps and perform the steps out-of-order. Do not use glue unless the instructions specifically call for glue, it can make assembly more difficult. Take it slow, as you proceed ensure that your parts are flush and square. A times the instructions may recommend that two people perform a task. If you need help, get help.
If you agonize over confusing instructions and time is slipping away, get help.

Should I Hire A Handyman To Assemble My Furniture?

Using someone with experience will save you time and may save you some unnecessary aggravation. An experienced person will have the right tools and knowledge to assemble the furniture as quickly as possible without damage.
  • Experience - having assembled similar items, or maybe even your exact piece before, will help the assembly go smoothly. Tips and tricks learned from prior assembly projects will benefit your furniture assembly project.
  • Save Time - with experience comes efficiency. The more times someone performs a task, the easier and quicker the task becomes.
  • Tools - having the right tools helps to ensure a quality outcome when assembling your furniture. Most RTA furniture comes with a basic screwdriver or hex key wrench. While these basic tools are functional, there are better and easier to use tool options. In some cases, the furniture company may not provide any tools.
  • Damage Free - having experience and the right tools will help to ensure a damage free assembly. If you do not have experience, you may slip up on an assembly step that could possibly damage your furniture.
  • No Worries - furniture assembly requires time, patience, and manual dexterity. If you are easily stressed or get frustrated, or simply do not have the time or desire to do the work, then hire me. You can work on other tasks of your choosing or simply sit back and relax.

How Much Does Furniture Assembly Cost?

Assembly prices are typically quoted per piece, not hourly. Provide the make and model of all your furniture items when requesting a quote.

Do You Only Assemble IKEA Furniture?

My furniture assembly service is available for all brands. While IKEA is a well-known brand of ready-to-assemble furniture, there are many other retailers that also provide RTA furniture: Amazon, Bed bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Bush, Crate and Barrel, Dorel, IKEA, Joss & Main, Office Depot, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Sauder, Staples, Overstock and others.

Do You Offer Pick Up and Delivery Services?

If you have a small, local pick up and delivery need, it may be possible. Please inquire for more details.

Can Furniture Be Moved To Another Room After Assembly?

It depends on the type of piece. Chairs and small side tables can easily be moved. Large bookcases and wardrobes are not easily moved, they are heavy. And, while furniture may be stable in a stationary position, moving it causes additional stresses at the joints.

Do You Offer Other Services In Addition To Furniture Assembly?

Yes! While redecorating your room with new furniture, you may have picked up some artwork, framed prints, mirrors, new blinds, curtains, drapes, or shades. I hang all those items. Looking to mount your TV on the wall? I do that too. I offer a wide range of handyman and home improvement services. See below for more details.

Home Improvement Projects and Home Repair Services

Looking to find a local handyman in your area who will perform your work with care and skill? If you need something installed, repaired, or replaced - contact me to get your projects completed. Handyman home repair and home improvement done right! Specializing in Quality Interior Work in several categories including:
Please contact me, your local handyman, if you have any questions or are ready to schedule work.

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