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Looking for someone to paint the interior of your home? Project Completion provides handyman services and home improvement to the greater Shrewsbury, MA area. Complete interior painting service for walls, ceilings, doors, windows, mantels, baseboard, crown and other trim moldings. A paint job will bring new life onto any surface. Get your "To-Do" list done quickly and easily. If you don't have the time or the inclination to tackle that paint job, please contact me, I'll get it done for you.

Sampling of Projects for My Shrewsbury Home

  • Ceiling Painting
  • Wall Painting
  • Trim Painting
  • Door Painting
  • Ceiling and Wall Repairs
  • Wallpaper Removal

Can Wall paint Be Used On Ceilings?

Ceiling paint is specially formulated to hide irregularities and imperfections on the ceiling. The paint has a higher viscosity than wall paint which helps to prevent splatter and drips while applying the paint overhead. Ceiling paint is manufactured with a flat finish to minimize light reflection. Both the higher viscosity and flat finish combine to offer high hiding of defects. The paint color of ceiling paint is typically white. A clean, white ceiling makes a room appear to be more spacious and higher. However, custom colors are available. Some homeowners go with a darker paint color for the ceiling with a lighter paint color for the walls. It is strongly advised that you stay with a flat finish on ceilings since any sheen shows up far more than on walls. An exception may be in high moisture areas like bathrooms that would benefit from a more water resistant paint finish. In such cases, you would apply a wall paint. Wall paint can be used on ceilings, however, you will lose some hiding capability and the application will be more prone to drips and splatter. That is why ceiling paint exists!

Which Paint Finish Should I Use?

Wall paint is manufactured to be more durable than ceiling paint so it can be cleaned with soap and water. Wall paint is thinner and more flexible than ceiling paint making it more resistant to cracking. Wall paint is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. The higher the finish sheen or gloss level, the shinier the appearance and the more scrub-able the finish.

From lowest to highest finish (numbers indicates relative sheen):
  • flat (1-3.5), least reflective sheen, hides imperfections in ceilings and walls, can be difficult to clean
  • matte (2-5.5), similar to flat
  • eggshell (15-22), slight reflective sheen, improved durability, and easy to clean.
  • pearl or satin (15-25), slightly more reflective sheen
  • semi gloss (50-60), high reflective sheen, highly durable for multiple cleanings, highlights imperfections
  • high gloss (85+), most reflective sheen
Flat finish is consider the standard finish for all walls. This is the finish that you often see in new home construction and painting contractors typically apply. It is the lowest cost paint, applies easily, and hides imperfections. On the down side, it is easily marked and does not clean well. In order to gain a more durable and a more scrub-able finish, you need to increase the binder in the paint which also increases its finish sheen.

Eggshell finish paint is the next step up from flat wall paint. Eggshell finish will cost a few dollars more per gallon than flat finish and will provide a more durable finish. It is easy to clean and more resistant to marking. Eggshell paint applies easily, it is a little more reflective so it will show more imperfections. For low "touch" rooms like bedrooms and living rooms you might consider flat paint. In areas that have more activity requiring more durability and cleaning ability like hallways and kid's rooms, eggshell paint may be for you.

Are you looking for a paint that is water resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and will hold up to multiple cleanings? If so, then semi gloss finish may be your answer for rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms. On the downside, semi gloss finish is very reflective, it is shinny. And, semi gloss paint will highlight imperfections in the walls. Unless you have perfect walls and like a shinny wall appearance, I would back off of semi gloss and take a look at pearl or satin finish paint.

Active rooms, like kitchens, bathrooms, and kid's rooms, require a durable paint that can be cleaned often. A good choice is a paint with a pearl or satin finish. While not as durable as a semi gloss finish, a satin finish does not mark easily, offers very good cleaning capability, and does not have as much shine. In fact, a satin finish has about half the shine of a semi gloss finish. All considered, a good compromise.

Which Paint Finish Is Best for Trim?

There are two considerations, appearance and durability. Most people like to "show-off" the trim in the room. One easy way to do this is by using a paint finish at least one step higher than the wall finish. This highlights the trim because it is shinier than the surrounding walls. Trim like door and window jambs and casings will see many hands upon it and trim like baseboard will be kicked often. That will require a highly durable paint finish. The two main contenders for trim paint finish are satin and semi gloss.

From an appearance viewpoint, if the walls have a flat or eggshell finish, either satin or semi gloss is fine for the trim. If the walls have a satin finish, then semi gloss would be your choice. From a durability standpoint, semi gloss is the better choice.

Should I use a high gloss paint finish on my trim? No! A high gloss finish is beautiful, however, you must have perfectly smooth surfaces so the reflection of light does not shows defects underneath. That is best left for spray painting new products in a manufacturing environment.

Which Type of Paint Should I Use?

There are some differences in paint types. There are a variety of terms used to described paint. First, there is "latex-based" versus "oil-based" or alkyd paint. Today, oil-based alkyd paints are not frequently used because of difficult cleanup requiring mineral spirits and high levels of VOCs, volatile organic compounds. Those compounds emit toxic gases as the paint dries that can cause symptoms of headaches and dizziness. Most often, the type of interior paint used is latex.

Latex-based paint is also known as water-based paint. It contains binders such as vinyl acrylic or 100% acrylic. That is why you may also see the term acrylic paint. The binder, polymers, pigment, and water combine to make paint. It is non-toxic and has less odor than oil-based paints. Latex paint remains flexible and holds up well as surfaces expand and contract with temperature changes. Latex paint also allows moisture to escape from the paint surface.

How to chose quality paint?

Top quality latex paints use a 100% acrylic binder. Lower quality paints use a vinyl acrylic binder. Some paints use a combination of the two binders. These acrylic binders is what provide better adhesion, better stain blocking, better water resistance, better durability, and better crack and blister resistance. So how to choose? A good quality paint will cost more because the better ingredients, 100% acrylic, cost more.

What Is The Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets?

If you are painting wood cabinets, my go to paint is a water-based acrylic alkyd paint. This type of paint was developed to combine the benefits of oil-based paint with those of latex-based paint. It dries very hard making a durable surface that resists scratching and chipping. It has good leveling characteristics providing a smooth surface. A satin finish shows off your cabinets while not being too shinny to highlight imperfections. The job typically requires a primer coat and two top coats.

Repair Ceilings and Walls Prior To Painting?

Ceilings and walls are subject to damage from water stains and may have developed cracks and been gouged over the years. Do your ceilings and walls have stains, cracks, gouges, and holes? No problem! They can be repaired prior to painting. Small drywall and plaster repairs take time, but are well worth the effort to achieve a great looking room.

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?

Yes, you can paint over wallpaper. However, I do not personally recommend it. After painting, the wallpaper seams will still be visible and subject to cracking. And once painted, wallpaper is very difficult to remove. If you decide to paint anyway, first clean and rinse all the wallpaper. Second, cover the seams and repair any gouges with joint compound wait for it to dry and then sand. Third, remove all dust from the walls. Fourth, apply an oil-based primer to the walls. Finally, you are ready to paint the walls with your favorite paint color.

Do You Offer Other Services In Addition To Interior Painting?

Yes! While redecorating your room with new room colors, you may have picked up some artwork, framed prints, mirrors, new blinds, curtains, drapes, or shades. I hang all those items. Looking to mount your TV on the wall? I do that too. I offer a wide range of handyman and home improvement services. See below for more details.

Home Improvement Projects and Home Repair Services

Looking to find a local handyman in your area who will perform your work with care and skill? If you need something installed, repaired, or replaced - contact me to get your projects completed. Handyman home repair and home improvement done right! Specializing in Quality Interior Work in several categories including:
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I hired Mark to help me repair some drywall damage, paint and replace interiors doors to renovate two bathrooms. Mark is punctual, courteous, and professional. He treats your home as if it were his own. His attention to detail is amazing. He does things the right way, with care. His rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend Mark for any projects you need accomplished.
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